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October 11, 2010

India Report

My Dear Friends,

This comes to you at the end of a very long journey. Thank you for your love and concern. As I type this, my inbox is literally filled with emails from so many of you asking how we are and wondering why we haven't been in touch since returning from India last week.

Forgive me for not e-mailing before this but as soon as we got home from India, we received word that Jeff's Dad was loosing his battle with Cancer was given only days to live. Tired and jet-lagged, we rushed to Jacksonville and had been at his bedside everyday. Dad went home to be with the Lord this past Saturday, 10/09. Please pray for Jeff, this is a very hard time for him as he also lost his Mom last year.

On a happier note, the Lord moved powerfully and we had an extraordinary time of ministry in India! As we drove through the city during our first day in India, my eyes strained to take in every detail of my new surroundings. Hindu Temples and Idols were everywhere. Women dressed in bright colored saris, balancing large heaps on their heads stood out against the dull landscape of dirt roads and grass huts. Water buffalo, herds of goats and stray dogs were roaming freely in the streets. It was heartbreaking to see the overwhelming poverty, beggars, beautiful children dressed in rags, the hopeless look in the eyes of so many. But coupled with my sadness at the vast destitution was the indescribable joy of knowing that Jeff and I had come to this place to offer the greatest treasure one could ever receiveó the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ.

Our main focus was to go into small villages and reach out to the Untouchables, the poorest of the poor where very few missionaries go. To do this, we partnered with our friends Sushil and Sangha at Adamah Peace Ministries (a division of Samraksha Society). This ministry is doing a tremendous work in India and opened a door for us to work alongside Indian church planters and organized evangelical outreaches in 23 different villages.

I shared my testimony twice each day. The trips on the bumpy roads to the villages was hard on the body but offered us a beautiful view of the Indian countryside: soaring palm trees and flourishing rice fields with villagers working in them. As we got close to our destination we could always hear loud tribal-like drumming and singing from the loud sound system set up to carry my testimony throughout the village. Christian and Hindu alike would come and sit on the floor, filling the small buildings to capacity and overflowing. They were so curious about the lady in a wheelchair who had come to their village claiming to have a message of hope.

Their faces were usually sad and I found it hard at first to engage them but I knew the Lord was greater than our differences. I worked hard everyday to connect by wearing Punjabis, covering my head and speaking a few words in Telugu. I also had to change the way I'd convey my story to make it more relevant to Indian villagers.

How thrilling it was to see the results! So many came to the Lord at the invitations, and many recommitted themselves. Decision cards have all been counted and a mind-boggling total of 344 Hindus gave their lives to Jesus as a result of our ministry in Narasaropet! New believer bible studies will now begin in each village and water baptisms will be scheduled.

God bless you, dear friends. THANK YOU for the financial support you give us so sacrificially, making it possible for us to shine the light of Christ in places such as India. Together we are making an eternal difference in countless lives across the globe. With your continued support, Jeff and I will carry on as long as God gives us strength, with humble hearts and the assurance that ours is a privileged call.

United with you in His Service,
Bernadette Todd

PS - Would you (or your church) pray about joining our monthly support team if you haven't already? Please make all support checks payable to:

Global Faith Mission Agency (or GFMA)
P.O. Box 3326
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DESIGNATE in the memo for "Jeff & Bernadette Todd". Thank you in advance for your support!

Posted by Bernadette at 02:42 PM