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March 30, 2010

On the Air!

Speaking on WMCU!

Had a great time today on the "Sound Word" radio program with Frank Trotta and Bernie Diaz! The program will air on April 30th at 2:30PM on 1080 AM! You can listen via the web by clicking here: WMCU 1080 AM

Speaking on WMCU!

Posted by Bernadette at 06:47 PM

March 22, 2010

Leaving Santa Cruz!

My Dear Friends,

I can't believe my time here in Bolivia has already come to an end. In 5 days, I spoke 13 times and had the incredible privilege of leading over 143 people (that we could count) to the LORD! What a privilege it has been to see the transformation of the hearts of men, women and especially children as they experience the realization that Jesus is real and He is alive today!

We gave all these women Bibles!
Before I say anything more, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and financial support. You are my partners and coworkers in this "Mission of Hope" as we share the gospel and see the transformation in the spiritual lives of so many people in Bolivia and throughout the world.

This trip was awesome! I was able to share my testimony on both TV and radio, had an opportunity to place bibles in the hands of women who once lived a life of drugs and prostitution on the streets and brought Beanie Babies to children in a Cancer Hospital.
one of the kids I met Beanies bring smiles!
speaking with parentsMy time at the hospital was absolutely amazing. I spent half a day there with tears in my eyes the entire time. Many of the kids were terminally ill, primarily because of the lack of suitable cancer treatment that's available to us here in America.

Nonetheless, I was able to visit each and every child's bed, personally speak one-on-one to each parent and gave a Beanie Baby to each child. It brought such a joy to my heart to offer hope that only Jesus can give. There’s something magical in seeing a parents face turn from hopeless to hopeful. Thank you, LORD!

speaking with parentsPlease join me in praying for all the new believers. As you know, seeking God is easy to say, but difficult to put into practice every day. Pray that they'll stay focused on Jesus and will be willing to walk with Him no matter what the cost. Pray also for the pastors and Christian leaders in the area churches who now have the awesome privilege of following through with their discipleship.

Thanks again for your ongoing support! Pray for God's continued wisdom and guidance as Jeff and I make plans to return to Brazil in May.

Continuing in His Service,
Bernadette Todd

Posted by Bernadette at 06:02 AM

March 18, 2010

Hi From Santa Cruz!

speaking at Radio Logos!Hi Everybody!

Greetings to you from Santa Cruz, Bolivia! God is moving in a mighty way! I’ve only been here a day and a half and so far my testimony has been heard by countless people.

short wave radio recieverTo begin with, yesterday I shared my testimony on radio “Logos”. This station reaches a 400 miles radius, deep into the jungles, where my wheelchair cannot go. People there don’t have TVs or radios, but Radio Logos delivers a small solar powered receiver which can only receives the frequency of “LOGOS”. I spoke there for almost 2 hours and was able to give the plan of salvation. Only God knows what decisions were made, but I know in my spirit that people were impacted.

getting ready to go live!This morning I spoke at “Cadena A” on their morning show, which is similar to our Good Morning America. As I entered the set, I could see everyone behind the scenes running around, you know, the lighting guy, the electrician, the cameramen, the producer, the assistants, everybody going crazy doing their particular job to make live TV happen. But as I began to speak, everyone stopped what they were doing and the studio became silent. Live Interview on TV!God was penetrating hearts. The anchor woman was quite moved and asked all the right questions allowing me to openly talk about God’s great love and compassion. I, of course, took the opportunity to invite everyone watching to come to hear me at church tonight and Sunday morning.

After the TV station, we went to “Radio America” which is a Christian radio station of by “Iglesia Internacional de la Familia” where I'll be speaking on Sunday. Live Interview on TV!My main purpose here was to promote the service on Sunday, but as I was leaving, the pastor invited me to come back this evening and talk on a live call-in radio show for youth. What an exciting opportunity!

It is amazing how God is using technology and the local media to expand the reach of my testimony here in Bolivia. In less than 2 days, thanks to today’s media, I have been able to impact the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Bolivians with God’s message of hope through my story.

Please join me in praying for those who have heard, for those who have said the prayer of salvation with me and for those who are still considering my words and will come to the churches in search of the truth.

With Love You,

Posted by Bernadette at 03:38 PM