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Hello and welcome to my favorite part on this Website!  Here you'll find out a little more about me as I keep you up-to-date on my progress, my speaking engagements and any new projects I might be tackling.  It's my way of staying in touch with you, so do stop by regularly.  I'll be frequently updating this area with my reflections, happenings, personal photos and other additions.  Enjoy your visit!! 

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March 26, 2008

Peru - Thanks for Praying!

I'm feeling sadDear Friends,

I can't thank you enough for all your prayers while we were in Peru. You have NO IDEA how much we needed every word you whispered up to God on our behalf. On this trip, there were many challenges and like you, I get weary and discouraged when I'm under attack. The enemy tried persistently to block our efforts to impact lives but despite many disappointments and things that went wrong, your prayers prevailed and our heavenly Father came through for us.

To begin with this time, Tony had to put aside his camera, pick up a microphone and interpret for me. The Lord blessed our efforts beyond words!! We visited 3 churches and 33 people gave their lives to Jesus!!

These accepted Christ!

My time at Campus Crusade's “Mujeres de Hoy” Conference for Latin America was absolutely AWESOME!! I decided to have Tony interpret for me here also and he did an INCREDIBLE job. Tony interprets for me!At one point the ladies got so excited about my testimony that they all started to chant, "Beso! Beso!" for Jeff to come up and kiss me! Can you believe it?? Well Jeff came running and gave me a big one! That was such an amazing moment (especially for me)!!

At the end, about 21 women accepted Christ!! What an incredible reward it is to see people come to Christ, lives change, hope restored, and people deciding to serve the Lord!!

I want you to know that your prayers made a difference! I sensed God's power as I spoke and the ladies response and their feedback confirmed that it was a supernatural work done in their hearts. I only wish I had time to tell you of all the specific stories of what God did in the lives of the flood of people who came up to me and shared their hearts with me there in Lima.

Pray for us!Can I ask you a favor? Will you take a couple of minutes right now to pray for me and my team? God is doing something incredible with this ministry. We left the conference with invitations to bring my testimony to Panama, Ecuador and Chile!! Of course the devil doesn't like what is happening and the impact my testimony is having for Christ. Could you ask God to protect us and make us even stronger in Him as we continue to travel and minister around the world? Pray for each of us that we will continue to walk in a manner worthy of our calling.

Continuing in His Service,
Bernadette Todd

Posted by Bernadette at 02:04 PM

March 10, 2008

Mission of Hope - Peru

Our Team!Dear Friends,

It’s time to leave town again! It's amazing how God is opening doors around the world! This month (on March 19), we're taking our Mission of Hope to Lima, Peru. As we go, let's expect God to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or think!! Pray for me that the Lord will use my testimony in a powerful way to reach many!

Continuing in His Service,

Peru!Please Pray For:* Our safety in the air and on the road
* Good health, strength and stamina
* Safe handling of the wheelchair and our equipment
* Our partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ
* Harmony and flow between Bernadette and her interpreter
* Financial support to come in
* All technical details to go smoothly
* Us to be increasingly effective in our evangelism
* The Lord to move among our team in a mighty way
* Many Peruvian hearts to be opened to Jesus

Posted by Bernadette at 11:51 AM