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August 03, 2006

A Note from Campus Crusade!

Me withwith Ron & Jeanie!Bernadette Todd has an amazing testimony of God's grace and provision in the midst of ongoing suffering. She and her husband, Jeff, just spent 4 days here with us in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Bernadette was able to share her story with many different types of audiences. She spoke to three churches, three orphanages, a group of teachers, and at a local service club. It was very evident by the response of the audiences that she was able to connect deeply with the suffering that so many people experience. One young woman came up after the teachers meeting and expressed that she had been far from God for a long time and recognized her need to give her life over to the Lord Jesus. Jeff lifting me down the stairs of the Agape Church!She shared that she has a young daughter who is deaf and Bernadette’s message gave her hope. Watching Jeff, Bernadette's husband, serve his wife is a testimony of love that speaks volumes without saying a word. Even using a translator Bernadette’s love for and trust in her Lord Jesus comes across loud and clear. We are looking forward to her return to Bolivia to share her heart with the Bolivian people who so desperately need a message of hope and grace.

Ron and Jeanie Burgin
Campus Crusade for Christ
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Posted by Bernadette at 06:03 PM