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Hello and welcome to my favorite part on this Website!  Here you'll find out a little more about me as I keep you up-to-date on my progress, my speaking engagements and any new projects I might be tackling.  It's my way of staying in touch with you, so do stop by regularly.  I'll be frequently updating this area with my reflections, happenings, personal photos and other additions.  Enjoy your visit!! 

Y'All Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


June 10, 2011

Not in Porto Alegre yet!

Hi Friends,

Just a quick update to let you know that we are in Rio De Janeiro tonight and have not yet arrived in Porto Alagre. Our connecting flight was canceled this morning due to a cloud of ash from the erupting volcano in Chile and we were forced to spend the night here.

This could have been a very difficult situation for us... we saw many passengers frustrated because they had to stay at the airport. But the Lord heard your many prayers on our behalf and His presence surrounded us like a shield. When it was our turn to be assisted, American Airlines took EXCELLENT care of us giving us roundtrip taxi, all our meals and a posh hotel on the beach!

Below is a picture of us tired and stranded... in paradise. Don't you feel bad for us? :-)

 tired and stranded... in paradise

Well, I'm off to bed but please continue to pray. I'm scheduled to speak at a church in Porto Alegre tomorrow night. We'll go back to the airport first thing in the morning to see if we can fly out. .

Hugs from Brazil,

Posted by Bernadette at June 10, 2011 11:44 PM