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Hello and welcome to my favorite part on this Website!  Here you'll find out a little more about me as I keep you up-to-date on my progress, my speaking engagements and any new projects I might be tackling.  It's my way of staying in touch with you, so do stop by regularly.  I'll be frequently updating this area with my reflections, happenings, personal photos and other additions.  Enjoy your visit!! 

Y'All Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


May 22, 2009

Under Attack

Dear Friends,

My team and I need your prayers like never be!fore. The enemy certainly knows I'm here and we are under attack. BIG TIME! Without going into much detail let me just say that everything that could go wrong went wrong yesterday, it was a nightmare. Not only that but I heard that 3 or 4 government ran schools canceled because they researched me and realized that my speech ultimately promotes God (and you know I won't compromise on that).

Any way, the good news is that 6 kids accepted Jesus yesterday at an inner city public school where things got so out of control that I had to yell at the kids myself and make a statement that anyone can leave if they want. No one left.

Well, I have to run now. Another crazy day ahead. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!

Love You All,

Posted by Bernadette at May 22, 2009 07:10 AM