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Y'All Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


May 26, 2009

News from Rio de Janiero!

Yikes!Dear Friends,

The challenges continue but God is really using us. Imagine this: On Sunday, out of nowhere, police started towing cars away outside the church where I was speaking. This sent members scrambling to save their cars. Can you believe it? One by one, people kept leaving and coming back as I was giving my testimony, over and over. It was hard for me and my interpreter to concentrate but we kept going. In the end, 3 made decisions for Christ! The pastor said that this had never happened before – cars have never been towed there and as much as 3 have never been saved on a single Sunday since the church started two years ago. WOW!

Yesterday, we had to cancel 2 presentations because of a gun fight between police or rival gangs in the neighborhood. The timing was just unbelievable. I had just come from speaking to 10 men at a drug rehab where 6 gave their lives to Jesus.

Youth meeting at Guy & Elena's!Your prayers are moving mountains! Despite the diversions, a total of 47 people have accepted Jesus since we have been here.

But our time in Rio has come to and end and we are moving on to Sao Paulo were we will be working for a week. Please pray for us. Sao Paulo is a much bigger city, and much more dangerous. I have never worked in a city more dangerous than this one so I can’t even imagine it. There are many “Favelas” (slums) here in Rio which are run by drug lords and gang leaders. Even driving on the expressway by the Favelas can be dangerous because gangs are known to attack and rob cars that are stuck in traffic. Our driver, in one particular neighborhood, drives very fast and doesn’t even stop for red lights! We went through this area every day.
As you can see, there is a great need for us to come back to Rio de Janeiro. The soil is hard here. Missionaries and pastors here need our prayers and they also need our help to evangelize. Rio has more than 12 million inhabitants and less than 10% are Christian. That's almost 11 million people who don’t know Jesus. This is why I am here. How awesome that we were able to add 47 more! Let’s pray that they’ll go on to tell others.

Well, I better get going. Next time you hear from me will be in Sao Paulo. Pray for us as we go – we need it.

Together in His work,

Posted by Bernadette at May 26, 2009 10:45 PM