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Y'All Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


October 27, 2008


Dear Friends,

I’m missing you!! Sorry I haven’t written but the internet has been down for few days at our hotel here in Argentina. I must admit that the busier I become the harder it is to email as often but I enjoy keeping you updated and reading your replies.

Our team!My time in Buenos Aires has flown by and I’ve been very busy speaking on the radio, in churches and at a city meeting. Buenos Aires is a city that literally never sleeps. In most homes, dinner is served at 10:30 p.m. here. Restaurants are packed and streets are crowded with cars and pedestrians as late as 1:00 AM on a school night. I just can’t believe it. It’s exhausting just trying to have dinner with people!!

Burning rubber!With its wide avenues and beautiful architecture, Buenos Aires is the most European city of Latin America and many call it the Paris of South America. But behind all that beauty is a city in tremendous need for the Gospel. Everywhere I go, I see well dressed homeless people who have jobs but the money is not enough for a home while others live in near slum conditions in the outskirts of the city. Drug addiction, prostitution and homosexuality are rampant here in Buenos Aires and prostitutes commonly stand naked as they market themselves. Imagine this: transvestite prostitution has gotten so bad that rather than tirelessly arresting and patrolling, the city actually designated a nearby park as an unofficial gathering point so it won’t fill the city streets. How aweful.

Tony has been my interpreter on this trip so Jeff is once again trying his hand as a cameraman and filming all the events. Tony translated for me!A couple days ago, I spoke at a city hall meeting in a poor town outside of Buenos Aires. I was told that this area is known to be “left” and in favor of communism. This area is not usually open to the gospel so I was invited as a “motivational speaker” who has a disability. Many parents with disabled children were there as well as others. The place was full – standing room only. As I neared the end of my testimony and begun to talk about Jesus I could see that some people started to leave, but the majority stayed to hear what I was saying. At the end, at least 10 gave their lives to Christ and several parents of disabled kids left with renewed hope and encouragement. The most amazing part is that the city organizers now want me to come back next year and speak at a larger event, wow.

Well, I’m all done with my speaking engagements here and now starts the retreat portion of our trip to Argentina. Pray for us as we finalize our schedule for next year and as Jeff and I work with Tony on our “end of the year” video.

Love to you from Argentina,

Posted by Bernadette at October 27, 2008 01:36 AM