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June 01, 2008

Hogar Sagrado Corazón

Dear Friends,

As I’m sure you know by now, I did not have an opportunity yesterday to speak at the prison. Many people were disappointed but not nearly as disappointed as Jeff, Tony and I for the lost opportunity to share Jesus with those inmates who were expecting me.

Vanessa!Instead, we went to the orphanage in Montero as planned. I wish you could have been in the truck with me when we arrived. Little children started to climb up onto the truck and into the windows. Finally this one tenacious little girl named Vanessa made her way into the truck next to me hugging and kissing me. She wanted to learn English and right away learned how to say “thank you” and “hello.”
Our time at the orphanage was great. I shared my testimony and was able to present the Gospel as well as lead them in the prayer for salvation. A total of 5 kids and 1 worker came to me afterwards and whispered “ore contigo” (I prayed with you). A total of 5 kids and 1 worker came to me afterwards and whispered “ore contigo” (I prayed with you).
Bolivia day 8 093.5.jpg

Vanessa! Afterwards we gave out all the toys you sent and I wish you could have seen all the joy they brought to these kids. Remember that little girl Vanessa; she stayed by my side the entire time hoping that I would adopt her. It really broke my heart when she hugged me and said “¡Escogeme! ¿Puedo irme contigo?” (Pick me! Can I go with you?). Needless to say, Jeff and I left the orphanage that day with very heavy hearts. Tony tried to lighten the air by offering me his kids, if I take two, I could have the third for free, he said!! THANKS Tony, I just wanted one!!! :)

In Love in Bolivia,

Posted by Bernadette at June 1, 2008 11:14 PM