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Hello and welcome to my favorite part on this Website!  Here you'll find out a little more about me as I keep you up-to-date on my progress, my speaking engagements and any new projects I might be tackling.  It's my way of staying in touch with you, so do stop by regularly.  I'll be frequently updating this area with my reflections, happenings, personal photos and other additions.  Enjoy your visit!! 

Y'All Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


April 28, 2005

Perrine-Peters United Methodist

Greetings to my new friends at Perrine-Peters United Methodist Church! Thank you so much for the warm welcome and genuine hand of friendship you extended to me at the Prayer Breakfast on Saturday. I would also like to particularly express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Bob Boger (pictured on far left) for writing me the beautiful poem below. What a gift, I'll treasure it forever!

In the Kitchen with friends at Perrine-Peters United Methodist Church!To Bernadette:
Thanks for the Blessing

Come hear the story,
Of Bernadette Todd,
A sweet, gentle spirit,
Filled up with our God...

”From Despair to Faith”,
Through heart torn affliction,
A pathway to Grace,
And sweet benediction…

From a wheelchair she speaks,
So soft and demure,
But the strength of God’s Word,
Bursts forth true and pure...

Hanging out with Pastor Carr and family!

I dare you to listen,
And shed not a tear,
As God’s Spirit through Bern,
Will dismantle your fear…

Though unable to move,
Or walk this old sod,
Her soft, flowing story,
Will move mountains for God…

In the depth of her witness,
Her purpose was born,
That no temporal sickness,
Should God’s people mourn…

Take heed of her message,
And yes, follow through,
His message through her…
There's a purpose for you!

Bob Boger, Perrine-Peters United Methodist Church
April 23, 2005

Posted by Bernadette at April 28, 2005 03:00 PM